A Friendship App for Moms

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Friendship App for Moms

Making friends with other moms can be more awkward than dating—and just as frustrating.

Whether you are new in town, a natural introvert who has trouble making the first move, or your season of life just makes it hard to get out in the real world to connect, this app removes the obstacles to friendship making and accelerates the process of meaningful connections around shared interests.

What people are saying about friendships

You never know how much a friendship could change your life.


It’s Challenging To Make Mom Friends

Parents say it is a struggle to find good friends. In fact, these are the most common barriers.
  • Feeling shy. intimidated or like an outsider
  • Finding time, scheduling conflicts
  • Fear of offending other parents or really different parenting styles
  • Not having the right chemistry
  • With young kids, just getting out of the house can be a big accomplishment
Source: USA Today, Mom Friends Part 1: Why Is It So Hard To Make and Keep Friendships With Other Parents? June 29, 2018, Taylor Seely

We make it easier To Jumpstart New Friendships

  • You can view a video of the person you matched with in order to see their personality
  • Learn what you have in common
  • You know in advance they are seeking friendships
  • It’s easy to make the first move
  • You don’t have to leave the house!
  • Low risk but high reward

How It Works

1. Describe yourself

Describe yourself and what you are seeking in a new friendship.

2. View your matches

View your connections and see what you have in common.

3. Pick your subscription plan

Pick your subscription plan.

4. Send a friend request

Send a friend request. Your connection has up to 7 days to accept the request.

5. Start texting to get to know each other

Start texting and getting to know each other!

Sneak Peek of The App

Highlights of the App

Find similar moms

Oriented for moms. You can describe your kids and parenting approach in order to find similar moms with similar attitudes and values

Privacy settings

Ability to create privacy settings for the data in your profile

Accept friend request

There are no unwanted texts; both people have to send or accept friend request before sending a text message


Only 7 days to send a friend request or accept a friend request

Short video

Ability to share a short video in your profile

Common matches

Matches are “smart” and based on what you have in common