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Let’s talk about your organization and the community you can start with Mama Birds App.

Motherhood is hard, so we help moms stay sane. By creating customizable social platforms, we provide the tools to help you engage, support and encourage your mom community as they make friends, stay informed and share the experience of motherhood.

For organizations
serving moms

We provide organizations the ability to run and administer community forums and content feeds while providing relevant matching services on the content.

You run and manage a large organization with goals and responsibilities impacting hundreds or thousands of families.

Families spend, according to national averages, 8 to 11 hours a day each on “screens”. This means a family of four would spend 280 hours a week engaged digitally. How much of that time do you have their attention? Two minutes? Five? Or, even a single email title read?

Moms and families under the care of your organization need support today – especially those who or whose partners are first responders, military or essential workers. Your mission is critical to the success and health of these families and your community. Our platform puts the ability at your fingertips to engage and manage your entire network through a single mobile app.

We help you place your mission in front of your families through the nation’s newest network for moms. We give you local control of a nationwide social media platform.

For administrators

Useful features:

  • Secure, private hosting
  • Your branding and logo
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Custom content
  • 24/7 community building and outreach tools
  • Engage influencers directly
  • Promotion materials
  • Profile matching to content
  • Help for struggling moms

of the App.

Find similar moms

Oriented for moms. You can describe your kids and parenting approach in order to find similar moms with similar attitudes and values.

Privacy settings

Ability to create privacy settings for the data in your profile.

Accept friend request

There are no unwanted texts; both people have to send or accept friend request before sending a text message.

Short video

Ability to share a short video in your profile.

Common matches

Matches are “smart” and based on what you have in common.

Serving Superheroes (a.k.a. moms)

Mama Birds is creating the next level of community-building solutions to better serve the moms you support.

For Your Moms

Useful features:

  • Profile matching allows moms to engage only content and conversations which fit their interests
  • Moms have the ability to post, pose questions, build groups to engage locally and globally with other moms.
  • Organizations can use the system to curate meaningful content to its moms such as information, event notifications, product and services advertising or any other critical messaging.
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We serve organizations supporting mothers within their community (military, first responders, essential workers, church families) by providing a comprehensive private label solution for localized ownership and global management of your network. We provide secure private hosting, customizable web and native mobile applications and a passion for helping you serve moms, which will meet your groups’ needs while bringing approved content and safe community right to your moms’ fingertips.

For more information on how to get your organization started, contact us. We would love to connect!

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