Reimagining Social Networks

Sparking friendships, connections, authenticity and belonging for moms

Mama Birds is for moms by moms.

We are moms and technology leaders who know firsthand how hard motherhood can be. We have experienced the loneliness and isolation of new motherhood and remember what it was like not having time or energy, not knowing where to go to meet other moms, and sometimes just feeling awkward about how to make the first move to make new mom friends. We knew there had to be a better way, and that’s why we started Mama Birds.

We help moms by helping organizations who want to power the moms they serve and provide better tools to help them connect, support and encourage their mom community 24/7 as they make friends, stay informed and share the experience of motherhood.

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We look forward to understanding your organization’s goals and brainstorming how together we can help you serve moms. Feel free to reach out to our team directly to get the conversation started. 

Supporting Moms is Our Calling

We recognize the day-to-day work of motherhood yields those we will entrust with our collective future, so supporting organizations engaging and encouraging moms in new ways is more than just providing next level social platforms – to us it is the work we are called to do. 

We are on a pursuit to deliver meaningful connections to moms, so they can give their best to those who need them most.  

Reimagining Social Networks

It is possible that our social networks and our digital selves are just “coming of age.”  From our first brushes with social profiles, uploading our first user image, mustering up the courage to share our thoughts on our first thread, re-sharing or tweeting our first meme to our current multi-stream – we’ve achieved mastery of our favorite platforms while engaging all along in an industry literally “growing up” around us and infiltrating our lives.

But the formats and forms of sharing and expressing ourselves have changed unbelievably little since their inception 10-15 years ago. Many are also familiar with the darker elements of social networks as well, the malicious trolls, the abusive diatribes, having one’s personal share twisted or misinterpreted, being shut out from friends and groups because of a misunderstanding despite being a mainstay or comfort for years, feeling both powerlessly addicted to digital feeds and repulsed at the same time.

As we move into this new era of social/digital persona “adulthood,” we want to bring to bear the experiences real world maturity has taught us. We would like to create safe boundaries. We want to convey and feel respect for others. We want to help others listen better and express themselves more clearly and confidently.

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Reinventing the way we connect online, mother to mother.

Authenticity in the Digital World

We are committed to developing and deploying new digital tools and communication models, which create safety and accountability. Much like the feedback we received as children and young adults shaped and molded our communication skills in the real world, we want to pierce the veil which digital anonymity and the impeding screens have created between our expressions and the consequences they bear out in ourselves and others. We see the need to create digital forms of feedback, which will help influence restraint, empathy, and integrity within our digital interactions allowing more authentic and meaningful relationships to grow with those we connect with online.

To the Moms We Hope to Impact

We can become more and more removed from important relationships as we face the isolation that motherhood can bring as we maneuver frantic days and nights of caring for children, the responsibilities of home, relationships, jobs and our sometimes even own personal needs. Our own identify can quickly take a back seat and feel hard to reconnect with in the face of so many other priorities. We want to diminish the sense of loneliness that moms can sometimes feel as a result.

Thankfully, we are no longer limited to the 4 walls of our homes to do it. We have our screens, which allow us the freedom to engage each day. In fact, women are currently devoting nearly 8 hours a day on average doing so. 

Mama Birds wants to make this time spent trying to connect with other moms more promising, more fulfilling and safer.

To do it, we are working to reinvent the way we connect online mother to mother. We want the freedom to authentically express ourselves instead of lapsing into the behaviors we learned in our pre-teen years of following the crowd or minimizing who we are to fit in.

It is estimated that mothers represent nearly $6 trillion dollars of disposable income in the U.S. We’d like to see advertisers work harder and more respectfully for a share of our hard-earned money and think social media platforms should be catering to us, the users, not the marketers trying to exploit our time, energy and interest.

We ambitiously want Mama Birds to be the central safe digital home for mothers to find promising connections, create and share memories, reach out to find and give help and encouragement and daily celebrate the little and big victories of our mothering years.

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